Here at Advanced Family Vision Care we are committed to preserving your quality of life, by providing up-to-date eyecare using state of the art technology. We stand behind the excellence of our products and treatment. Our goal is that you are completely satisfied with our services and your understanding of visual health.

Experienced Doctor of Optometry and staff


No-Puff Eye Exam


One year temple-to-temple warranty on ALL frames

If for any reason (except loss, theft, or extreme abuse) you need your frame repaired or replaced, we will do it at no charge for one year from the date of purchase. Ask an associate for details.


One year warranty on lenses and specialty coatings

If your lenses become scratched, we will remake each lens one time in the one year period from the date of purchase at no charge to you (limited to the same prescription).


Comprehensive care for the ENTIRE family

At Advanced Family Vision Care, we take pride in our ability to provide outstanding care for you and your entire family. Dr. May works with patients of all ages, including infants as young as six months!


Wide selection of frame styles


Latest high-tech lens coatings


We stand behind our prescriptions

Dr. May is available to review your prescription needs if you have any concerns. This is a service that we provide at no additional charge to our patients. We want you to love your glasses and contact lenses!


We stand behind our contact lenses


Highest quality products available

At Advanced Family Vision Care we use only the best available materials for your eye wear. In order to guarantee the finest quality products, we utilize a local professional lab with a national reputation and over 50 years of optical engineering experience.